Bonfire 15,000 BTU Infrared Sear Burner-Free Shipping

Bonfire 15,000 BTU Infrared Sear Burner-Free Shipping

Bonfire Outdoor

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Create perfect sear marks with a BONFIRE Infrared Sear Burner. Designed to replace one cast stainless steel burner, the Infrared Sear Burner gives you professional-looking sear marks with ease. Flavorful juices are locked in and you'll be serving delicious steaks, chops, chicken and more with confidence. If anything can make your family and guests want to praise the cook, the BONFIRE Infrared Sear Burner is the grilling accessory that will do just that.

Made of premium, durable materials, and with the same quality craftsmanship of every BONFIRE Grill, the BONFIRE Infrared Sear Burner gives you 12,000 BTUs of power. Designed to fit all 28", 34" and 42" Bonfire models in portable and built-in, so no matter which one you own, you can upgrade quickly and easily.



  • Made of Premium Quality, Durable Materials
  • Replaces One Main Burner in Any BONFIRE Grill
  • Adds Professional-Looking Sear Marks
  • Locks in Flavorful Juices
  • Keeps Food Moist on the Inside
  • Total BTU Output: 12,000
  • Fits All 28", 34" and 42" BONFIRE Grills

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